SQLite on Rails: The Workbook (beta)

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SQLite on Rails: The Workbook is a short and practical book on building, deploying, and maintaining Rails 7 applications powered solely and fully by SQLite. To my knowledge, it's the first and only book about building production-grade applications with SQLite and Ruby on Rails. I will walk you, step by step, through everything you need to know to comfortably and confidently run a SQLite on Rails application in production today.

Last update: 23.05.2024

What will you learn?

This is not a book to teach you SQLite or Rails; this book presumes baseline knowledge of both. Instead, it focuses on the specifics of using SQLite with Rails, from tuning the compilation of the SQLite executable, configuring the database, setting up the application and adjacent services like background jobs and a cache store, to ensuring all data is backed up and restorable.


  1. Our Application
  2. Baseline Load Tests
  3. Adding the Enhanced Adapter
  4. Upgrading to Ruby 3.3
  5. Data Resilience
  6. Restoring from a Backup
  7. Adding Solid Queue
  8. Adding Solid Cache
  9. SQLite Extensions
  10. Controlling SQLite Compilation
  11. Branch-specific Databases
  12. Error Monitoring
  13. Deploying with Hatchbox
  14. Wrap-up (WIP)

What you'll get?

You'll get a web version here in Gumroad, and eventually a PDF, ePUB, and MOBI copies as well. In addition, you'll get access to the book's repository where you can find all the code snippets and examples.


Will this book be updated when Rails 8 is released?

Yes. Rails 8 will bring a number of exciting changes, many of which make running SQLite on Rails applications even more attractive. I will update the book to reflect these changes.


Hello, I am Stephen. I am one of the top-500 contributors to Rails and one of the top-5 contributors to the SQLite Ruby gem. For the last two years, my primary open source pursuit has been making Ruby on Rails the world's absolute best framework for solo developers and small teams to build full-featured, production-quality, valuable applications by leveraging the simplicity and power of SQLite. In that time, I have created a number of gems and tools to make this possible, including Ruby gems for working with Litestream, sqlpkg, and MinIO, as well as the SQLite enhanced adapter for Rails. At my day job, I have built and deployed half a dozen applications with SQLite and Rails, including a SaaS application that has already drivin over $1M in revenue. I am now building all of my new Rails applications with this SQLite stack. In the book I am sharing everything I know, so you are confident to do the same.

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The comprehensive guide to building, deploying, and maintaining production-grade Rails applications powered by SQLite.

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SQLite on Rails: The Workbook (beta)

5 ratings
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